A West Coast Water Ride You’ll Never Forget! Spoil yourself! Bring your private party of up to 12 people, beverages and tunes of your choice and sail with us in leisurely style! Meet us at the Port Owen Marina in Velddrif (only 160 km from Cape Town) and we’ll take you places where the ocean is majestic and the skies are blue.

Our yacht, the Sandpiper 2, a sleek, spacious, high performance 39ft catamaran, features comfort and safety one can all too easily get used to. Our skipper, Alan Biesheuvel, is a highly experienced seaman and well respected in the area. If dolphins are frolicking nearby he’ll find them for you and should a brisk Southeaster set in on the way back port you might even experience the exhilaration of flying across the water at 40km per hour!

In addition to a variety of cruises in and around St Helena Bay, we offer tailor made packages (including accommodation) to Paternoster where a visit to the famous Panty Bar at the hotel is only one of the many attractions. We also specialize in corporate events, team building sessions and year-end functions.

Whether you’re in the mood for fish & chips, snacks and a sundowner, a braai aboard the yacht, swim and suntan on the beach or crayfish and cocktails, we have it all!

Contact them:

Fax: +27 86 650 3300
Mobile: +27 79 613 4615
E-Mail: laetitia@protechpr.co.za

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